The Wonder Beach Club offers guests amenities suited for every need, to bring you infinite relaxation, where relaxation is intertwined with a pleasure that ignites the senses.


Direct access to the sea, beach towels, chairs and umbrellas, a lifeguard.

POOL (0-1,80 M)

Featuring change rooms, showers, towels, a rescue service, sun loungers, and parasols.


Area reserved for exclusive use, with dedicated services.


Mini club with entertainment, the baby area features services and games.


Lunch bar and café.


Restaurant with specialities and a pizzeria.


Events night&day, with activities.


Massage by the sea, draining, relaxing, reflexive, with stress releasing and Ayurvedic treatments.


Parking and reserved access, dedicated services for the disabled.


Clothing and fashion accessories for the seaside.

Wonder Beach Club


Stop and enjoy the weather. The time to get a massage by the sea is here. Abandon yourself to the art of massage, and let yourself be pampered by skilled hands. A massage at Wonder Beach Club is accompanied by the sound of the sea, from the notes of a distant music, the smell of salt air that intoxicates, and a full awareness that you are taking care of yourself. Hands that move upon the body: one of the most ancient and natural techniques. A gesture, simple and basic, which has beneficial effects as few others do. The massages have a positive effect on every single part of the body, reducing the stress you have accumulated, by dissolving the tissues and muscles, instilling a general feeling of tonicity and relaxation.


Body massage, draining and relaxing, sweet almond oil and essential oils (lavender, orange, lemon). Drains, stimulating the metabolism, eliminating excess fluids and toxins, relaxing and stretching.
30 minutes € 30 - 60 minutes € 45


Reflexology massage with arnica soothing cream, and sweet almond massage oil. Operates a realignment of the entire body by stimulating a portion of it, with the soles of the feet.
30 minutes € 30 - 60 minutes € 45


Reflexogenic abdomen/back massage with arnica soothing cream, sweet almond oil and essential oils (camphor, peppermint, peppermint, lemongrass). Operates a rebalancing between systems reflexes of the body helping the individual to live better, physically and emotionally.
30 minutes € 30 - 60 minutes € 45


Reflexogenic neck massage with arnica soothing cream, sweet almond oil and essential oils (camphor, peppermint, peppermint, lemongrass). Relieves tension, keeps a good muscle tone, improves blood circulation and releases tension from the spine.
30 minutes € 30 - 60 minutes € 45


Indian Ayurvedic body massage, with oil of sweet almond and essential oils (lavender and bitter orange for vata – the nerves; peppermint and camphor for pitta; subjects – changing; orange and lemon for kapha – stopping). Preserves the vital areas of the body, strengthens the immune system, combats stress, and restores the psycho-physical balance of the individual.
75 minutes € 60


Elegance and sophistication combine with the authentic flavours of the Apulian culinary tradition. The environment is perfect. A suggestive atmosphere envelops the inner room and the terrace. Nothing is left to chance. The furnishings were made expertly with the touch of an artist who collaborates with the restaurant. High quality ingredients are reinterpreted with creativity and originality by the chef. Our products are km 0: choose vegetables selected from our Slow Food selection near Polignano a Mare, and we buy all fish from local fishermen. The à la carte menu offers the flavours of surf and turf, to gratify all tastes: a choice of select meats, raw fish, fresh Adriatic filets, and much more. Don't miss the specialty of Galloway: the spaghetti all’assassina. Quality foods need exceptional wines. The wine list offers a fine selection of the best Italian and foreign labels. We offer our guests the best sparkling wines and champagne.


Japanese flair: minimal furniture in zen style, music, attention to detail. Inside the restaurant you can enjoy amazing Japanese cuisine, in a relaxed and informal atmosphere. You can taste the traditional sushi and sashimi (boats, nigiri, maki) and the curious can enjoy creative presentations of our sushi chef: hot rolls, soft rolls ... and many other specialties! The raw materials are of excellent quality, with daily arrival of fresh fish; starting from Sicilian tuna, amberjacks from the Tyrrhenian Sea, and the sweet red shrimp (ama-ebi). The wine list is very well selected and, next to the traditional Japanese beers, there are numerous and fine Italian wines, plus the inevitable sake. Fast service and easy availability make us a viable alternative to traditional Italian restaurants. An alternative that we hope will become your first choice!